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Chris Pier

Chris’ background in environmental services started nine years ago, when he assisted in building a startup company that ultimately became largest electronics recycling firm in the Rocky Mountain Region. He loved the recycling industry and spent a lot of his time in his lab where he would test materials for innovative reuses. Chris built a strong relationship with Goodwill over the years, and decided to join the Goodwill Denver team to show how Goodwill could be a leader in the electronics recycling industry. The success of the program led to him leaving Goodwill Denver to assist with the development of the same program at several other Goodwill locations. He is regarded as an industry expert in the field of electronics recycling and is a Lead Auditor for R2 Certification, the industry’s highest environmental Standard.
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Recent Posts

E-cycle Celebrates Its First Birthday

Posted by Chris Pier on March 23, 2018

Goodwill E-cycle began operations in early 2017 with the goal of launching a new business line that would create new jobs, provide opportunities for sustainable job training and provide some contribution to revenue. Now that we are a year into the business, we are proud of the highlights and accomplishments that have happened over the last 12 months. Let us share some of those with you:

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Growing Problem… or Opportunity?

Posted by Chris Pier on March 17, 2017

In the U.S., we generate over 6.8 billion pounds of unwanted, outdated or non-working electronics every year, and only 29% is recycled! 

Electronic equipment has transformed the way we communicate. The desire of most Americans to upgrade to the latest laptop,  tablet, or mobile device is driven by the newest features, massive marketing campaigns and difficult repairs that make the latest-and-greatest hard to resist.

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