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Job training & programs for adults with disadvantages or disabilities


Supported employment services and job training programs

Goodwill helps individuals with visible or invisible disabilities find employment. Our job training programs for adults help people achieve success through inclusive job opportunities. We partner with many local employers to create customized, effective employment solutions.


Skill building and on-the-job training for people with disabilities

Through EmpowerOne, individuals with disabilities build skills and independence, leading to on-the-job success. Goodwill provides individualized services, including skill-building, on-the-job training, disability employment services and support, and an independent connection in the community.


Employment services for people facing mental health challenges

Individual placement and support, also known as IPS, is a nationwide evidence-based program that provides training and jobs for people with mental illness or substance use disorders. IPS services are integrated with mental health treatment, job supports are unlimited, and the goal is to place participants in competitive jobs that honor each person’s work preferences and aspirations.


Social Security Benefits Counseling

It can be challenging for individuals receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to understand how employment will impact their Social Security benefits. Our benefits counselors are here to help.

What does a benefits counselor do?

A benefits counselor can help you understand how work earning can affect your benefits and can help you develop a plan for achieving your job goals.


Ability One Jobs

Goodwill offers jobs to people with significant disabilities through the AbilityOne® program. These jobs offer the opportunity to achieve independence and job advancement in a supportive work environment. AbilityOne jobs are offered at Goodwill Laundry & Linen Services in Milwaukee, WI at Naval Station Great Lakes in Great Lakes, IL.

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Adult Day Services and Support

Goodwill programs for adults and seniors help adults with physical disabilities, intellectual or developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and mental health concerns improve their quality of life. Through opportunities to gain confidence and independence, the Community Opportunities Club and Day Services Clubhouse help adults with disabilities lead more productive and active lives. Daily deliveries of Meals on Wheels help older adults maintain their independence.

Mission Support Center
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James O. Wright Center forWork & Training
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