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Goodwill's values—respect, integrity, trust, operational excellence and belief in the power of work—are the driving force behind the organization's strength and success. Together, Goodwill's leadership and staff have adapted to a dynamic environment, responding to community needs with innovation and commitment, providing quality services to more than 62,173 individuals in 2017.

Goodwill continues to focus on fiscal responsibility and financial health. In 2017, management expenses were 8.3% of revenue and support. Goodwill will continue to operate in a manner that will generate sufficient resources to expand our mission in the communities we serve for many years to come.

Goodwill must have sufficient financial resources to carry out our mission and build for the future. By being financially responsible, Goodwill will be able to weather cutbacks and hardships with minimal disruption, while still delivering on our mission promise to the communities we serve.

To see our current Community Impact Report and audit statements, click on the following links.

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Tax-exempt organizations are required to complete an IRS informational return, Form 990.  The return discloses financial information, program service accomplishments and governance activities.  Goodwill’s corporate structure includes four tax-exempt organizations, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc. (“GWSEW”), Goodwill Retail Services, Inc. (“GWRS”),  Goodwill Industries of Metropolitan Chicago, Inc. (“GWMC”) and Goodwill Manufacturing, Inc. ("GWM"). To see our Forms 990, click on the following links.  For access to additional documents, please contact the Chief Financial Officer at (414) 847-4200.

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Mission Support Center
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James O. Wright Center forWork & Training
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