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Hiring People with Disabilities

Hiring People with Disabilities

Connecting people to jobs – diversifying and energizing the workplace!

Goodwill Supported Employment works with individuals with disabilities to help them get a job and provides job coaching support to ensure long term success. Goodwill partners with many local employers to create customized, effective employment solutions.

When employers hire individuals with disabilities, there are many positive employment benefits:

  • Well screened, reliable, motivated and qualified candidates
  • Job coaching services to assist in training and individualized ongoing support as needed
  • Temporary work experiences/internships to determine if a candidate is a good fit for a the job
  • Eligibility for federal tax credits
  • An opportunity to create a more diverse workforce and energize a team in new ways

“The best part of hiring someone with a disability is introducing a member of our community to our work culture in a manner that benefits both the new employee and helps us accomplish our professional goals. A diverse work culture that reflects that people that we see every day in our neighborhoods, grocery stores, and restaurants reminds us that we are all different but we can all make a positive impact on each other's lives, both personally and professionally.” – Manager Matt from Colectivo

Individuals are pre-screened and job coaching is available, at no charge to the employer, to assist new employees so they can be successful on the job.

Contact Christine Schulz, Manager of Supported Employment & Community Access at (414) 847-1954 or email at  for more information.

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