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Put your financial donation to work in your community.

Ways to Donate


There are several ways you can help individuals with disabilities or disadvantages in your community. We have it all laid out right here for you! All you need to do is choose which way is right for you.


You can be sure that when you give to Goodwill your financial contribution will be put to good use helping fund our programs and services for individuals with disabilities and disadvantages. When individuals are empowered, families and communities are strengthened too. Click here to view some of our mission stories!


Thank you for your interest in Goodwill’s Volunteer Activities and Vintage Fashion Shows. Our volunteer program and vintage fashion shows are currently undergoing some revisions and updates.  As a result, at this time we are not booking fashion shows or accepting volunteer applications.  Stay tuned for future updates. 

Do you posses a strong desire to teach, counsel and help your community? The Goodwill Donald Driver Mentoring Program is for you!

How-You-Can-Help-DonateDonate Household Items

Support Goodwill through donations of household items and clothing. Donations from the community are the lifeblood of Goodwill Store & Donation Centers and the sale of those donated items funds our mission. If you are interested in donating items to Goodwill visit our Retail website for a list of store and donation centers. And don’t forget to shop, too!

Mission Support Center
Tel: (414) 847-4200

James O. Wright Center forWork & Training
Tel: (414) 353-6400

Metropolitan Chicago -
Tel: (312) 994-1440