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Creating a brand in Chicago

Posted by Andy Kobeski on November 15, 2017

In November 2010 I was recruited in to Goodwill TalentBridge. My primary focus as a Sr. Business Development Manager was to create B2B relationships within the northern Illinois community.

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Utilizing Industry Resources, When Partnering with an Outside Recruiting Firm

Posted by Sara Luther on November 3, 2017

So you are new to partnering with a staffing firm and you aren’t exactly sure how to get started. Or you have been using contingent workers for years and you feel pretty confident that you get how this works. Whether you are new to this kind of partnership or not, knowledge is power. From the changes in Affordable Care Act(ACA) requirements to co-employment issues, education and information is key.

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Leadership is more than a title

Posted by Mike Matus on October 13, 2017

It’s a common postulation that people will follow you based on a title. CEO, President, CFO, COO, CIO, Vice President – these are all titles that, at face value, command respect and obedience. But I would say that the level of someone’s title is not automatically synonymous with leadership. To be sure, effective leadership goes way beyond what comes after the name on a business card – it’s a healthy mix of actions, aptitudes and attitude. You report to, listen to, and execute directions set by your boss or a higher ranking individual, but these actions are not necessarily achieved simply because your boss’ title is the Vice President of Marketing. Rather, you follow the VP of Marketing because you respect and agree with his/her business acumen, experience and character.

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Bright futures ahead

Posted by Christine Schulz on September 18, 2017

Our Project SEARCH completion ceremony was held on June 7 at the Milwaukee County Zoo and a total of 12 interns completed the program. I had the privilege of helping plan for this event again this year and enjoyed every minute. Project SEARCH is very near and dear to my heart, as each year I am always impressed with the Project SEARCH interns’ growth and resilience as they progress through the program.

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Direct Placement VS Temp to Hire

Posted by Heather Sechler on September 11, 2017

When partnering with a staffing agency many companies may find themselves asking if they should outsource the positions directly (direct placement) or bring someone on in a temp to hire model. In today’s low unemployment market, candidates have options.

Generally speaking, the higher the position level, the more complex the role; the harder it will be to identify and engage a candidate in a temp to hire model. The best course of action in this situation would be to engage with your staffing vendor in a direct placement search.

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