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How to Land a Great Gig in the Gig Economy

Posted by Suzanne Maldonado on November 15, 2018

For most, employment is essential because it pays the bills. However, a job can offer incredible opportunity, connections, relationships, and other elements that improve lives both personally and professionally.

The job market is always changing and both in times of economic prosperity or a downturn, opportunities will likely present themselves that offer an infinite number of ways to share our interests and express our passions through the work we do. How does one get “lucky” enough to land a role where you look forward to the work you do each day?

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An Inside Look at Goodwill's 2014 Community Impact Report

Posted by Guest on September 30, 2015

While the dust has settled on 2014, the impact of Goodwill has been well received in 2015, as evident by our 2014 Community Impact Report. While the report this year took on a bit more traditional layout, the content of our report is displayed in an impactful way through the use of creative visuals and 2014’s theme – Building for the Future.

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Emotional Intelligence

Posted by Dan Depies on August 19, 2015

Do you want to be a leader? Pay Attention! 

Really, that is what works. Pay attention to your own self, others in your home and work life, and have open attention to the wider world. In other words, sharpen your Inner-Other-Outer Attention.

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Occupations... What's Hot and What's Not

Posted by Mike Boelter on July 15, 2015

I recently browsed several websites dedicated to job searches and occupations with fast growing futures. After narrowing my search to the Wisconsin area, I was quite surprised as to what I had found. The data challenged my paradigm, quite frankly, as to what I thought about the fastest growing occupations. This is what I gathered:

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Empowering Individuals through Personal Financial Awareness - Part One

Posted by Dan Depies on June 11, 2015

Goodwill’s mission is to provide training, employment, and supportive services to individuals with disabilities or disadvantages who seek greater independence. For many, a job is that independence; providing purpose in addition to a paycheck.  

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The Important Role Your First Job Plays

Posted by Julie O'Malley on February 25, 2015

Every year the Oscars generate plenty of buzz and news coverage. From predicting winners to red carpet fashion there’s a story to tell.  One feature that caught my attention was on the jobs that celebrities had before they made it big.  Do you know which Best Actor Nominee (Steve Carell, Michael Keaton, Bradley Cooper, Eddie Redmayne or Benedict Cumberbatch) worked as a New York City doorman?  Or which one started out as a cab and ice cream truck driver? 

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Is the Skills Gap Someone Else's Issue?

Posted by Dan Depies on February 12, 2015

I was recently part of a skills gap discussion, based on an April 2014 article from Inc., entitled “Is There Really A Skills Gap?” by Cait Murphy. While there are many opinions if a skills gap, a motivation gap, or whatever gap you want to call it exists. The fact remains there are plenty of people looking for a job (or a different job), and many employers who need people and can’t find them.

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Delivering Goodwill's Mission in Metropolitan Chicago

Posted by Dan Depies on January 14, 2015

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Power Partners Demonstrate Commitment to Goodwill's Mission

Posted by Dan Depies on December 17, 2014

On December 12, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, Inc. hosted our 10th annual Power Partners Awards Breakfast. The Power Partners award is given to companies that demonstrate commitment to Goodwill’s mission by providing substantial, ongoing work opportunities for individuals we serve. Since Power Partners began in 2005, 17 companies have received this award.

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A Case for a Contingent/Contract Workforce

Posted by Mike Boelter on November 19, 2014

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 4.7 million job openings on the last business day of September 2014. With this high number of available jobs, I’m surprised to still be hearing that some organizations are struggling to find a talented workforce.

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