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Caley Kiser

My name is Caley Kiser and I’ve been with Goodwill for two years now. Working toward my undergraduate degree I interned for a non-profit that worked with people who have disabilities. I graduated from University of Wisconsin Stout with a B.S. in Psychology and I am currently in graduate school at Mount Mary University working toward my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I hope to work with children or veterans when I obtain my license. I grew up in southern Minnesota and moved to Wisconsin for school and never left. I have two fur babies: a cat named Jasper who is a dog in a cat’s body. I also have a Chesapeake bay retriever named Moose who fills my day with happiness and moments of wanting to pull my hair out. I have learned a lot through working at Goodwill and I am excited to see what more I can gain from my experience here.

Recent Posts

Appreciating my time as a job coach

Posted by Caley Kiser on August 14, 2019

When I first started shadowing my co-workers to learn how to job coach I remember one question that always came to my mind, “How do you know what technique to use when coaching or what exactly to do?” Later, I learned for myself that job coaching is not something that comes with a manual but something that each individual coach will just instinctively pick up after building a relationship with each individual.

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