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An Inside Look at Workforce Development

Posted by Dan Depies on August 13, 2014

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One of the common things we hear as we bring prospective business partners and community agencies Workforce_Developmentthrough our Goodwill Centers for Work and Training is, “I never knew Goodwill did that!”  Everyone is well aware of our Goodwill Store & Donation Centers, but we have also worked hard over the past several years to reinvest in our Workforce Development capabilities.

We have expanded our Workforce Development network to include nine Workforce Connection Centers, Goodwill TalentBridge (our full service talent acquisition firm), and sector-based training in Culinary, Custodial, Retail, Customer Service and in progress this year, Manufacturing.  In addition to this sector-based training, we currently run operations such as Goodwill Manufacturing, Goodwill Laundry, and Goodwill DataShield; each provide services to the business community and provided meaningful work opportunities to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Our unique value proposition in training individuals and delivering a quality workforce include the following:

  • Our focus is on work and life skills, which we view as foundational to an individual’s success. We have a common curriculum that includes key topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Professionalism and Conflict Resolution. We are able to customize training for our business customers and key sectors.
  • We use our operations to provide work opportunities, setting high expectations as well as a training environment that holds people accountable and prepares them for work outside of Goodwill.
  • We focus equally on both our customers, the job seekers and our employer customers. This unique view, while challenging, helps meet our promise to provide a quality workforce, good jobs, and impact to community.

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Written by Dan Depies

Dan Depies, Vice President of Workforce and Program Development oversees a large portion of Goodwill’s core mission of Transforming Lives through the Power of Work. Dan has been with Goodwill for 4 years, joining in June 2010. Previously, Dan spent 14 years in Management Consulting supporting clients in Manufacturing, Health Care, and Financial Service industries with IT systems, process, and new product launch projects. Dan is a board member of Wisconsin Business Growth Fund, is a member of Executive Agenda and the WICPA, and is an active volunteer in Boy Scouts, youth sports, and SafeKids Coalition.
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