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New Project SEARCH location

Posted by Christine Schulz on January 16, 2018

Project SEARCH interns at General Mitchell International AirportIn October of 2017 General Mitchell International Airport became the first, ever airport to become a Project SEARCH location. We are so pleased to be partnering with HMS Host and Paradies Lagardère, as both businesses are hosting our six interns and giving them the opportunity of a lifetime! I would like to share with you what our interns have learned so far through Project SEARCH and what they have been doing during their first rotations.

Project SEARCH interns on their first rotations at General Mitchell International AirportIsabella’s internship is with Paradies. She is always smiling and likes to participate in the training room. Isabella prices different gift shop items and excels using the price gun, and she continues to make progress by building up her speed while completing her tasks. 

Kenneth’s internship is with Paradies and he has the perfect personality for customer service. He brings smiles and laughter to everyone he interacts with on the job. When he first started delivering cheese to all of the gift shops in the main concourse he needed step-by-step prompting. By using checklists and visuals he has thrived in this task and can work independently now.  

Alex is working with HMS Host. He is a joyful, polite and hardworking individual. Alex enjoys making prepped food deliveries to the different concourses and has been praised for his speediness delivering the items. He is working on his socialization skills and his making progress with co-workers and customers. Alex loves meeting new people and being given the opportunity to get to know them.

Anthony’s internship is with HMS Host, as well. He enjoys being at the airport because he loves planes and aviation simulations. Anthony has been working on opening up, asking questions and getting to know his coworkers better.  He is really thriving and has says that he feels connected to and supported by his coworkers.

Kasaun is working with HMS Host. He is always happy, cheerful and supportive toward his fellow interns. He has a knack for making his coworkers and customers feel welcomed and happy to be at the airport. Kasaun has become very efficient at folding linens and rolling silverware sets. These are brand new tasks for him and he practices every afternoon, side-by-side with a favorite coworker. In addition, he busses tables and collects garbage with the utilities workers.

Jordan’s internship is with HMS Host also. He was once very shy and has really thrived on this work site! With each passing week he really has blossomed into a social butterfly and interacts well with his co-workers. He is an independent, focused and hard-working individual.

Stay tuned as we look to schedule tour dates for individuals who are interested in learning more about Project SEARCH at General Mitchell International Airport. Keep up the great work, interns!

Written by Christine Schulz

Christine Schulz is Manager of Supported Employment and Community Access and also oversees the Project SEARCH site at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Christine and her teams are motivated to help individuals with disabilities prepare for, obtain and retain community jobs. Each day, Christine sees transformative change within our communities as more employers see the value that individuals with disabilities can bring to their workforce. Being a part of making this happen is what inspires her to give her all each and every day to her team and the work that they do together. Christine has been with Goodwill for 5 years since November of 2010.

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