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Learning new tasks through Project SEARCH

Posted by Christine Schulz on March 17, 2016

King is a successful member of the Project SEARCH programAs promised, here is another Project SEARCH success story I wanted to share with you. However, let me first provide a quick refresher about what Project SEARCH is. It’s a transition program for young adults with disabilities to develop job and social skills through on-site internship experiences which lead to competitive employment in the community. Back to our story!

Let me introduce you to King, a successful member of this program. He has had a variety of different experiences and completed his first rotation in the Zoo Educational Department, and now has moved into his second rotation in Food Service. King is always smiling and has had a positive impact on the Zoo staff members in each of the departments where he has King's next rotation will be in the Zoological Soiety for Project SEARCHworked.

King helped prepare classroom materials and also worked with
the children in various Zoo Education classes. While helping out in the classroom, King demonstrated that he knows Spanish, a skill that our team did not know he possessed—and what a valuable skill to have! More great news—King has been asked to come back and assist with some of the Spanish speaking families and children who attend classes at the Zoo.

Right now, he has just finished his second rotation in Food Service. King has been excited to learn new tasks such as food preparation and dishwashing. He enjoys being around and meeting new people. He has engaged with visitors who come into the Flamingo Café, and provides a positive customer service experience for all those attending the Zoo.

King’s next rotation will be in the Zoological Society. He is excited about the opportunity to continue to develop his customer service skills, as his community job goal is to work in Guest Services at a hotel. Be sure to check back to learn all about Terra!

Written by Christine Schulz

Christine Schulz is Manager of Supported Employment and Community Access and also oversees the Project SEARCH site at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Christine and her teams are motivated to help individuals with disabilities prepare for, obtain and retain community jobs. Each day, Christine sees transformative change within our communities as more employers see the value that individuals with disabilities can bring to their workforce. Being a part of making this happen is what inspires her to give her all each and every day to her team and the work that they do together. Christine has been with Goodwill for 5 years since November of 2010.

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