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Goodwill Mission Stories

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Jordan | Building Skills To Ace The Job Interview

Jordan received an on-the-spot job offer after gaining the skills and confidence to ace the interview through Goodwill’s Empower Youth program.


Experiencing difficulties with obtaining employment and working through behavioral and mental health challenges, Jordan joined the Empower Youth program with a goal to secure permanent employment to become more self-sufficient.

Empower Youth provided Jordan with job readiness training, including building communication, teamwork, time management, problem-solving and interview skills. He also learned how to network, gaining valuable connections to take with him throughout his career journey.

“I learned teamwork and that it was okay to not always have the right answer. I felt comfortable displaying my strengths while celebrating the strengths of others,” Jordan shares about the training he received.

Invested in Jordan’s success, the program provided transportation assistance to attend the training sessions needed for completion. Jordan also received access to apply to employment opportunities throughout the Chicagoland area.

“The program gave me the confidence and self-awareness I needed to stand in front of hiring managers and share my skills, experience, and interest in their company. I felt prepared to achieve my goal,” shares Jordan. That’s just what he did.

After completing the program, Jordan was offered a permanent retail position as a production associate at the Goodwill Store & Donation Center in Chicago’s West Loop where he is thriving and has since started a new role as a sales associate growing his skills.

Through the job-search process, Benji Junious, Empower Youth case manager, guided Jordan in realizing his potential, overcoming obstacles, and continues to serve as a trusted source and mentor as Jordan retains employment.

“I’m encouraged. My case manager doesn’t just call or email me, he comes to my job to check in and it’s nice to feel like I always have someone in my corner,” says Jordan.

Support doesn’t end after program completion. Jordan’s supervisors work closely with him to provide the help needed to meet his professional development goals.

“Jordan takes initiative, outperforms, and has worked through behavioral and mental health challenges to be successful in his role and is growing more each day,” Benji says of Jordan’s shining work ethic.

Empower Youth proved a valuable resource for Jordan.

“It helped me get and keep a job,” Jordan reflects on the program’s impact. “I face new challenges daily and apply what I learned in the program by practicing my decision making and problem-solving skills to create a good experience for myself and shoppers.”

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Empower Youth provides job readiness training, skill building and support to youth and young adults ages 16 to 24 from the Chicagoland area to prepare for and find their next job.

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