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Goodwill Mission Stories

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Sandrae is a smart, hardworking young woman who felt hopeless going from job to job with no real sense of satisfaction.

Even with a college education and a bright future, she struggled to find employment that offered stability and a path to building a career. Her work life deeply affected every other aspect of her life as she felt she wasn’t living up to her own expectations.

“I didn’t get this feeling that this was a job I could retire in. I lost hope, and that’s when I found Goodwill,” she said.

At Goodwill’s Workforce Connection Center (WCC), Sandrae found essential resources, as well as, guidance and support. In times of frustration, she could always count on staff member Dionna to be there for her with a listening ear. With Dionna’s encouragement, Sandrae was persistent; attending onsite events, updating her resume at resume workshops and researching how to use her skills. Her persistence and hard work paid off – after attending an onsite hiring event with a government agency, she accepted a job as a Recruiting Assistant.

Sandrae shared she is loving her new job. It offers security, flexibility and utilizes her passion for working with people when she attends events around the community. In fact, she returned to the WCC just a month after being hired where she helped with on onsite recruiting event! Now focused on the future, Sandrae sees this job as a stepping stone toward other goals – becoming a homeowner, starting a family and growing in her career.

Stories like Sandrae’s are made possible because of you! Goodwill’s Workforce Connection Centers are funded through your purchases and donations at our Goodwill Store & Donation Centers. Thank you for helping people find meaningful work that leads to stable and successful futures!

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