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Military Veteran Stories

Goodwill Military Success Stories

At Goodwill, we honor and respect the servicemen and women who have served our country and we're proud to share their stories with you.

Goodwill Staff

Recent Posts

John Toliver

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Nov 11, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Former Goodwill Team Member and U.S. Navy Veteran Recognized as Distinguished Nominee for Carol and Tommy Moore Veteran of the Year Award.

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Nicole Brown

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Nov 30, 2020 6:06:39 PM

At an early age, Nicole Brown found herself seeking out opportunities to challenge herself. Although she didn’t have much guidance for college or post-graduate life, she was constantly searching for new ways to push herself in order to reach and redefine her true potential, both physically and mentally.

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Nicol Britten

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Nov 11, 2020 1:21:38 PM

One of my husband Dan’s earliest memories was when he was six years old. He saw an Army Ranger in uniform and thought, that’s what a superhero looks like. That memory eventually inspired his own service in the Army.

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John Work

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Nov 11, 2020 12:40:22 PM

When John Work left the Marines as an accomplished 1st Lieutenant, he entered the Marine Corps Reserves where he earned the rank of Captain. Now, John continues to serve his fellow Marines and other American soldiers through his work as an HR Advisor for Goodwill in Illinois.

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George Heard

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Nov 9, 2020 9:01:07 AM

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1959. While growing up, I spent some time in Detroit, Michigan but moved back to Milwaukee to finish up high school.

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Jodi Allen

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Nov 2, 2020 3:38:40 PM

I grew up in Lafayette, Indiana as the youngest of four kids in a single-parent household. Some of my first memories are of being enthralled by aircraft. My mom used to take me to O’Hare International Airport so I could watch all the planes land and take off.

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Steve Morimoto

Posted by Goodwill Staff on Nov 18, 2019 9:45:50 AM

Steven Morimoto served in the military for six years as a combat medic. However, like many Veterans, Steven found it very challenging to transition to civilian life. Then he found Goodwill.

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