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Goodwill and American Red Cross Provide Relief for Fire Victims

Posted by Goodwill Community Relations Department on March 23, 2022

Annual observance celebrates turning compassion into action

Partnerships with like-minded organizations play an important role in Goodwill’s efforts to support and connect with the community.


Throughout the month of March, Red Cross Month is celebrated to show gratitude towards the people who make the American Red Cross (ARC) mission possible. For many years Goodwill has partnered with the ARC chapters in Wisconsin and Greater Chicago, helping support people during a time of need. Together, in 2021 the organizations were able to bring immediate relief to more than 600 households experiencing the devastating loss of a home fire.

Through the partnership, Goodwill Cares Community Assistance vouchers are made available to fire victims throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago. The vouchers enable the recipients to purchase much needed clothing and household items at Goodwill Store & Donation Centers.

The partnership between Goodwill and the American Red Cross is an important reminder that by working together organizations can magnify their impact far beyond what can be achieved alone.

“No matter how daunting the disasters in our communities, I’m reassured that people will be taken care of because of the response by organizations like the American Red Cross and Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago. This reliable and caring dedication to our neighbors in need is possible because of a partnership that includes firsthand generosity through the Goodwill Cares Community Assistance Program. On behalf of the people served by our humanitarian mission, I just want to say that we’re grateful for the partnership of Goodwill, during this special month of Red Cross recognition and throughout the year,” shared Mark Thomas, American Red Cross Regional CEO and Southeast Wisconsin Chapter Executive Director.

Learn more about the important work of American Red Cross of Wisconsin and American Red Cross of Greater Chicago.

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