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Our Amazing Team

As part of our celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we're acknowledging our Goodwill team. They work hard everyday to make our mission of training, employment and supportive services for people with disabilities or disadvantages who seek greater independence come to life!


Goodwill is a proud contractor for our federal government and partner of AbilityOne. Join the Goodwill team and help make a social impact because inclusion and diversity matter.

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Community Access Team

Our Community Access Team not only focuses on specific workplace skills, but also on everything else that goes into making someone work-ready like time management, communication skills, health and wellness, and building independence.

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Community Opportunities Club Team

For more than 15 years, our Community Opportunities Club supports adults who have a physical disability, brain injury, or mental health support needs to regain the confidence and independence needed to lead more productive and active lives. The result is enriched lives and lifelong friendships.

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Day Services Clubhouse Team

Our Day Services Clubhouse participants may choose from a variety of classes and opportunities to improve life skills through recreational and social activities, health and wellness activities, arts and enrichment classes, community outings and volunteer opportunities. This personal, engaging approach provides a foundation of skills, confidence and self-awareness that better prepares participants for life and work in the community.

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Employment Services Team

Our Employment Services team plays an important role in breaking down barriers and connecting individuals with employment opportunities. They see firsthand how a job can completely change someone’s life in a positive and profound way that helps them become more independent and self-sustaining.

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Project SEARCH Team

Our Project SEARCH team helps teach life skills, soft skills and job readiness skills within a nine month span by combining classroom experience with hands-on work in three different environments.

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Supported Employment Team

For many with disabilities, work is so much more than a paycheck – it's pride, a sense of responsibility, and being part of something bigger. Our Supported Employment team helps individuals with disabilities prepare for, attain, and maintain long-term and meaningful employment.

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Vocational Support Services Team

Whether it's understanding benefits or finding a good fit for employment, our Vocational Support Services team helps those with disabilities take the next step, that's right for them, to reach their goal of employment.

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