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Celebrating Inclusivity in the Workplace

This October, Goodwill will be joining in the celebration of the 75th observance of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). 2020 also marks the 30th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which ensures equal access to transportation, public accommodations, and employment opportunities for all workers with disabilities.

Not only does this commemorative year reflect decades of increased representation, advancement, and equality for disabled workers, it also allows us to reflect on the many ways inclusive hiring has strengthened our Goodwill community as well as all those we serve.

Access and Opportunity

Ensuring that members of our disabled communities are equally represented in the workforce starts with providing equitable access to the tools and Dakota's Storyresources that are essential for any employee’s ongoing success. Effective inclusive hiring initiatives often coincide with on-the-job training and specialized professional development offerings. Additionally, inclusive workplaces may implement supplemental community outreach programs that offer educational assistance, career coaching, or internship opportunities for disabled youth.

These programs not only strengthen a business’s relationship with their community, but they also encourage active engagement internally. The connections and relationships formed between current employees and program participants will be mutually beneficial. Participants gain invaluable experience and personal support, allowing them to build confidence and facilitate their future success.

Goodwill’s Commitment to Inclusivity

In addition to championing progress for members of our disabled communities, inclusive hiring also benefits employers in a multitude of other ways – from expanding their talent networks to fostering creative business solutions. In fact, recent studies have shown that businesses that actively hire disabled workers consistently outperform those that do not.
Creighton's Story
Of course, the positive impact of an inclusive workforce isn’t limited to those operating within it. At Goodwill, we believe inclusive hiring has the power to strengthen entire communities. By increasing representation and cultivating career advancement opportunities for all of its members, we build vibrant communities that are rooted in mutual respect, collective prosperity, and an intrinsic celebration of diversity.

As our Goodwill family celebrates NDEAM this October, we are reminded that inclusivity and equality are truly the cornerstones of our organizations’ success. Our culture thrives because of the unique experiences, skillsets, and personalities each and every one of our employees brings to the table – and we’re still growing! We remain passionate about identifying new avenues for community engagement, outreach, and the diversification of our current and future workforce.

Working Together

Among our many partners, we are proud to work with organizations that help us support and highlight our employees and the abilities they bring to their roles at Goodwill.

SourceAmerica is a national nonprofit agency that creates employment opportunities for a skilled and dedicated FRPhoto_180501N_C1_026workforce of people with disabilities. SourceAmerica is the vital link between the federal government and private sector organizations that procure the products and services provided by this exceptional workforce via a network of more than 600 community-based nonprofits. Click here to learn more.

DisabilityIN Wisconsin: is a non-profit, non-partisan business-to-business network that raises awareness and works to advance, improve and expand employment outcomes for people with disabilities in Wisconsin. Disability:IN Wisconsin offers participating employers resources for recruiting candidates with disabilities, information on disability issues/topics, recognition for best disability employment practices, and exposure to an untapped market for goods and services. We educate, engage and inform businesses on critical disability issues. Click here to learn more.

Join our Team

Check out our Goodwill careers page to learn more about our commitment to inclusive hiring, or to explore our current training, education, professional development, and employment opportunities.

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