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Musetta's Success Story

Supported Employment
Supported Employment

Musetta's Success Story

A Bright Future Ahead

If you ask Musetta about her future dreams, she does not hesitate with her response. “I want to get my degree in child care. Then I want to move to California and work in child care.”

Musetta has worked at Best Western as a building cleaner since June 2014. While working, Musetta attends child care classes at MATC after her shift or on her days off in hopes of making her future dream a reality. Her accomplishment of this goal can be attributed to the assistance and support of her family, friends, multiple Goodwill programs, the State of Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Milwaukee County Department of Family Care for Community Access.

It’s easy to see why Musetta is goal-driven by the work tasks she completes. At Best Western, she is responsible for cleaning/prepping the Aviator Bar and Grill when she begins her morning shift. Then after customers finish breakfast, she cleans tables, shines windows, mops and sweeps around the hotel. “I like working,” Musetta explains. “When I was at home, I would go stir crazy. You can only watch so many DVDs!”

Musetta began her journey with Goodwill’s Work Services program in early 2012 and in early 2013 she graduated from the Most Valuable Participant program—a six-month training experience that teaches skills such as communication, reliability, palletizing, supplying the line and quality-checking skills. She then started a temporary work experience at Best Western in May 2014, which led to being hired in June.

Best Western has been very accommodating since Musetta began attending classes in fall of 2014. Supervisor Dianne said, “Musetta is a hard worker who inspires me because of her plan for a bright, personal future.”

When asked what she likes best about working with children, Musetta replied, “They look at things in their own way. They’re so fun to be around!” Musetta started working with children at her church’s day camp. She assisted groups that ranged from five to 12 year olds, in storytelling and arts and crafts. Musetta said she hopes to finish school in four years and then start a future in California. Follow your dreams Musetta!


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