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We're thrilled to introduce REfreshed Club Goodwill REwards, our revamped loyalty program, designed to give you even more ways to save while shopping at your favorite Goodwill stores..

Earn points faster with our new 3-tiered program:

SILVER: The starting tier for every customer. Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.

GOLD: Step up to GOLD once you've spent $100; every dollar spent in the Gold tier will earn you 1.25 points.

PLATINUM: Elevate to the PLATINUM tier once you've spent $500 within a rolling 12 months and receive 1.5 points for every dollar spent.

What will happen to my current Club Goodwill REwards points?

You’re now earning points on the new REwards program in all of our stores. We are in the process of moving your points into the new system.  They will be available for you to use soon.  

REfreshed Club Goodwill REwards Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am not a current Club Goodwill REwards Member. How do I sign up?
You can sign up for Club Goodwill REwards at any of our Goodwill Store and Donation Centers.
Q: Does a customer stay in the same tier forever?
No, tiers are dynamic. Once a member reaches a tier, they will remain in that tier for a rolling 12 months. They will stay at that level by maintaining the minimum spend amount for their tier. However, their tier will be downgraded if they do not meet the spending requirements.
Q: Do my points expire?
Points expire one year from the date they are earned.
Q: Are military or senior discounts changing?
Not at all! Get more information on our military discount and senior discount.
Q: Will I receive a REfreshed Club Goodwill REwards Loyalty Card?
Not necessary, We're are cardless! During checkout, members will be asked for their phone number, email, or name, and points will be applied to their account automatically.
Q: How do I apply my Club Goodwill REwards to my in-store purchases?
At checkout, you’ll need to provide the phone number associated with your Club Goodwill REwards account to apply your purchase to your account.

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