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Scott's Story

Scott's Story

Overcoming obstacles and focusing on an individual’s future are some of the reasons Goodwill exists‭. ‬This was the case for Scott‭, ‬who overcame great adversity and is now a shining example of what it means to move up the career ladder through hard work‭. ‬

A series of events in Scott’s teenage years caused an addiction to painkillers that quickly escalated to heroin‭. ‬After almost two years of using and watching friends overdose or go to jail‭, ‬Scott found himself at a crossroads‭; ‬he was selling his possessions and contemplating theft to‭ ‬fund his addiction‭. ‬But instead of heading further down the path of self-destruction‭, ‬Scott made a call to get help and left the next day for rehab‭.‬

Clean and wanting to move on to a better life‭, ‬Scott knew he needed employment and a job that would give him confidence. He applied for a job as a Goodwill Donation Attendant and was so impressive at his interview‭, ‬he was hired on the spot‭. ‬Scott’s hard work and dedication showed immediately‭, ‬and it wasn’t long before he was strongly encouraged to participate in Retail Services’‭ ‬Career Path‭. ‬This structured professional development curriculum provides support for employees seeking advancement within the‭ ‬retail field‭. ‬Scott was the perfect fit‭, ‬and his Store Manager‭, ‬and mentor‭, ‬pushed him to believe in himself as everyone around‭ ‬him did‭. ‬Less than three years later‭, ‬Scott has received two promotions and holds the position of Retail Supervisor‭. ‬

Scott is so proud of the Goodwill Store‭ ‬&‭ ‬Donation Center he works in‭, ‬and that pride shows in the respect and friendships he has established with his‭ ‬“Goodwill family‭,‬”‭ ‬which happens to include his wife whom he met at Goodwill‭! ‬Scott is proud that his work‭ ‬and his story‭ ‬directly correlate to‭ ‬the Goodwill mission of helping to provide people with opportunities‭. ‬“Goodwill saved me‭,‬”‭ ‬he says‭. ‬“I was given a second chance at life‮…‬I have to run with it as far as I can‭.‬”