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Finding the right employment in today’s complex job market can be overwhelming‭. ‬For cancer-survivor Donald‭, ‬that also meant navigating the search for employment with‭ ‬the inability to speak‭. ‬His journey led him to Goodwill TalentBridge‭, ‬where the staff became mentors in his pursuit for work‭.‬‭ ‬

Donald’s life was on the right track‭. ‬He had a good job in manufacturing‭, ‬was hard working and was independent‭. ‬His vocal and thyroid cancer diagnosis changed everything‭. ‬He beat cancer but lost his speech during the battle‭. ‬He knew he would have to rebuild his life with this new disability‭.‬

Although his job search felt like an uphill struggle‭, ‬Donald knew he had a lot to give and was capable of so much‭. ‬A job board in the local unemployment office helped Donald find Goodwill TalentBridge‭, ‬an extension of Goodwill that provides staffing‭, ‬direct placement and recruitment solutions to area companies and job seekers‭. ‬The experts at Goodwill TalentBridge assured Donald that his disability would not be an issue in finding employment‭, ‬and they followed through on that promise‭.‬

An opportunity became available within Goodwill’s Retail Operations Center‭, ‬and Donald was the right fit for the job‭. ‬From his first day‭, ‬Goodwill’s management team ensured Donald’s success‭, ‬developing a‭ ‬“click system”‭ ‬over the radio to allow Donald to confirm when he received messages and assist him in responding to requests‭. ‬Donald solidified‭ ‬his position within the Goodwill family almost immediately‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬exuding kindness‭, ‬optimism and dependability‭. ‬It wasn’t long before Donald transitioned from a TalentBridge employee‭ ‬to a full-time Yard Attendant with Goodwill‭, ‬shuttling and staging trailers used in Goodwill’s transportation fleet‭. ‬

Donald’s drive to succeed is evident‭, ‬as he never allows his inability to speak to get in the way of performing his duties‭. ‬Donald is grateful for his Goodwill team that he says looks past his disability and treats him like family‭. ‬As Donald expresses‭, ‬“I have a purpose‭, ‬and I’m not just needed‭, ‬but wanted‭.‬”


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