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Community Impact


Through community engagement‭, ‬Goodwill builds and maintains strategic relationships that influence positive social outcomes in local communities where we operate businesses‭.‬

Goodwill delivers local impact by implementing community engagement initiatives designed to build meaningful relationships with‭ ‬local communities and stakeholder groups important to our mission‭. ‬Community Relations Councils were established in 2019‭ ‬and are‭ ‬comprised of cross-functional groups of employees committed to driving engagement activities at the local level‭.‬

Acts of Goodwill

Acts of Goodwill was launched in March of 2019‭ ‬as Goodwill’s employee volunteer program‭. ‬It was designed to provide employees with opportunities to engage more deeply in the communities where we live and work‭. ‬To celebrate our centennial‭, ‬our goal was to create 100‭ ‬Acts of Goodwill that address barriers to work by‭ ‬volunteering with local community organizations and in our very own‭ ‬mission programs‭.‬

Employee volunteers served individuals facing barriers to work at 43‭ ‬partner organizations‭. ‬By year-end‭, ‬employees recorded 136‭ ‬completed Acts of Goodwill‭, ‬addressing the following community needs‭: ‬

HOUSE  84‭ ‬Housing and Hunger‭ ‬

FINANCE  18‭ ‬Employment and Financial Stability

FITNESS  16‭ ‬Health and Wellness

EDUCATION  16‭ ‬Education and Literacy

EARTH  2‭ ‬Environment

Community Day

Our second annual Goodwill Community Day was held on‭ ‬September 12‭, ‬2019‭. ‬Community Day is an opportunity to engage community leaders and our employees‭. ‬Through tours and open houses‭, ‬Goodwill shared local impact stories with more than 100‭ ‬community leaders‭, ‬further connecting them with our mission‭. ‬

Additionally‭, ‬nearly 1,800‭ ‬employees participated in activities designed to help them better understand how their work at Goodwill helps to grow our local impact‭.‬


Goodwill worked to strengthen and cultivate partnerships with key organizations‭. ‬In 2019‭, ‬these organizations included Racine Unified School District‭, ‬Holiday House‭, ‬Milwaukee Public Schools‭, ‬United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha County‭, ‬Lead2Change‭, ‬Convergence Resource Center‭, ‬Boys‭ ‬&‭ ‬Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee‭, ‬Acts Housing and Thresholds‭, ‬Inc‭. ‬