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Our Leaders


Dear Friends,

Believing in the power of work has been the cornerstone of our mission since 1919‭. ‬Our centennial year has provided us an opportunity to not only reflect on our past 100‭ ‬years‭, ‬but also look ahead with a vision for the next century‭.‬

Strong Past‭.‬

At critical junctures during our 100-year history‭, ‬Goodwill has responded to the needs of the community‭. ‬

During the world wars‭, ‬Goodwill worked with thousands of injured soldiers‭, ‬by providing training and work opportunities‭. ‬Our resale operations reduced consumer demand for new goods, which was critical for the war effort‭.‬

The Great Depression of the 1930s created unemployment rates of 25%‭ ‬in Milwaukee‭. ‬The city’s jobless formed long lines and looked to Goodwill for employment‭. ‬We responded and served as a temporary employer of hundreds‭, ‬enabling men and women to provide for their families‭. ‬

The 1990s saw the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act‭. ‬This civil rights law prohibits discrimination based on disability‭, ‬and Goodwill was at the forefront of‭ ‬the legislation‭.‬

The Great Recession of 2008‭ ‬brought more changes to our communities‭. ‬Responding to high unemployment‭, ‬Goodwill opened several Workforce Connection Centers in Wisconsin and Illinois‭ ‬that provided free resources to anyone who needed help in finding work‭. ‬

Each of these accomplishments has been driven by a shared commitment to deliver on our mission to provide training‭, ‬employment and supportive services for people with disabilities or disadvantages who seek greater independence‭ ‬‮—‬‭ ‬a charge that is‭ ‬truly timeless‭. ‬

Future Forward‭.‬

Our commitment to training and employment for every individual who wants a job‭, ‬regardless of the barriers they face‭, ‬remains steadfast‭. ‬We are grateful for the leadership of our Board of Directors‭, ‬the dedication of our staff‭, ‬and the support of many businesses‭, ‬community leaders‭, ‬foundations and government agencies‮—‬all part of our Goodwill family‮—‬that enabled us to serve nearly 43‭,‬000‭ ‬men and women‭ ‬in 2019‭.‬



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