Our Stories

Please take a moment to read about the successes of some of the individuals we serve.

Our mission is to provide training, employment and supportive services for people with disabilities or disadvantages who seek greater independence. Believe in the Power of Work.


Before coming to Goodwill, Creighton and his family were uncertain where his life was heading due to Creighton’s intellectual disability. Through the power of work, Creighton is a shining example of the transformation meaningful work can have on an individual’s life.

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Willie is proof that you can change the path of your life and not allow a past criminal record to determine what you can achieve. Before coming to Goodwill Great Lakes, Willie owned a successful barbershop business but began hanging with the wrong crowd and trouble caught up with him.

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It takes a truly remarkable person to turn the pain of a devastating accident into a lifetime of advocating for others, while doing successful philanthropic fundraising with the goal of finding a cure for paralysis. That person is Bryon Riesch.

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We all go through life hoping to find our dream job – the one job that fulfills us – and if we’re lucky we just might find it. Dakota, a young man with autism and a cognitive disability, is living his best life through the power of work.

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Barriers to employment can take many forms. For some, child care or transportation issues can make it difficult to find or keep a job. For others, it may be a language or literacy issue. Serving people with disadvantages is a part of the Goodwill mission, and Keishla is an example of what happens when barriers are broken.

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For someone with a criminal background, finding a path to work can be difficult. Getting an employer to take a chance is often one of the biggest barriers. For Tiffany, work was the way to independence, but the path was not easy.

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