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Board & Management

On June 1, 2016, Goodwill lost a good friend and long-time board member, Mr. Dennis J. McNally. We honor his kindness, perseverance and critical insight that helped guide Goodwill for 41 years. Dennis’s impact was felt throughout the organization as he held several board positons, serving as Board Secretary for more than 34 years, chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee, a long-time member of the Executive Committee, and member of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee. We are eternally grateful for his invaluable service and dedication to Goodwill and to the men and women that we serve every day.


Board Officers

  • Robert J. Klug,
    Board Chair
    Managing Director
    RSA Capital, LLC
  • Timothy J. Mattke,
    First Vice Chair and Treasurer
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 
    MGIC Investment Corporation
  • Irene S. Sudac,
    Second Vice Chair  
    Vice President, Financial Services 
    Snap-on Incorporated
  • Dennis J. McNally,
    McNally Peterson, S.C.
  • Jacqueline L. Hallberg,
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago

Board of Directors

  • James D. Borris
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Zilber Ltd.
  • Jacqueline Moore Bowles
    Creative Marketing Resources, Inc.
  • Mary J. Dowell
    Principal Consultant
    MJ Dowell & Associates, LLC
  • Karen G. Duffy
    Chief Marketing Officer
    McDill Design
  • John L. Dziewa
    Conversions Manager
    Fiserv, Inc.
  • Laura H. Gough
    Managing Director
    Robert W. Baird & Co.
  • Bradley J. Kalscheur
    Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
  • David Marcus
    Chief Executive Officer
    Marcus Investments LLC
  • Michelle I. Mason
    President and CEO
    Association Forum 
  • Richard A. Meeusen
    Chairman, President and CEO
    Badger Meter, Inc
  • Thomas V. Richtman
    Senior Vice President
    US Bank
  • Anthony D. Ross
    Professor/Director, Supply Chain Management Institute
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Mason G. Ross
    Retired, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
    Northwestern Mutual
  • Thomas R. Savage
    Retired, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
    Briggs & Stratton Corporation
  • Carl E. Vander Wilt
    Retired, Chief Financial Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Retired, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
    CenTrust Bank
  • Marilyn Vollrath
    Executive Vice President
    Reputation Partners, LLC
  • Charles F. Wright, Jr.
    Plant Superintendent
    Rheocast Company, a division of The Fall River Group, Inc.

Goodwill Management

  • Jacqueline L. Hallberg
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Angela Adams
    Director, Community Relations
  • Tean Andersen
    Executive Assistant to President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Michael L. Boelter
    Vice President, Goodwill TalentBridge
  • Pat Boelter
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Christine Brooks
    Vice President, Human Resources
  • Timothy Christian
    Vice President, Facilities
  • James Covington
    Vice President, Mission Operations
  • Daniel S. Depies
    Vice President, Workforce Development
  • Skip Dexter
    Vice President, Retail Operations 
  • Katie Dillow
    Vice President, Project Management Office
  • Joan B. Farrell
    Vice President and General Counsel
  • Catherine Girard
    Vice President, Development & Community Services
  • Lisa Heider
    Vice President, Controller
  • Tamara T. Jung
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Steven Loos
    Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Michael Matus
    Vice President, Sales and Strategic Solutions
  • Elizabeth McNally
    Vice President, Planning and Strategic Initiatives
  • Constance M. Sigrist
    Director, Board Relations
  • Charles J. Stadler
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Billie Torrentt
    Senior Vice President, Retail Services
  • Kent A. Walters
    Vice President, Federal Services


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