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Goodwill Mission Stories

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When Theodore started using Goodwill’s services, he worked two part-time jobs and would have to drop off his time sheets at two separate locations. Since it was a lot of travel time and gas, he started visiting the Goodwill Workforce Connection Center (WCC) on Richard Street to fax off his time sheets since it was convenient and saved him time and money. Theodore also used the WCC's computers and picked up monthly employment flyers so that he would not miss other career opportunities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Theodore lost two relatives that meant a lot to him, so he took a break from looking for full-time work. Weeks later, he ran into a friend who told him that the Milwaukee County Transit System was hiring and that if Theodore could provide a resume, he could get him an interview. Unfortunately, Theodore could not locate his resume and needed a new email address, so he connected with Goodwill WCC Specialist, Markeda, and told her he needed support. Theodore was surprised to find out that Markeda still had a copy of his resume and helped him create a new email address so that he could send it to the recruiter with the Milwaukee County Transit System. Theodore says, “I am so thankful that I was able to submit the resume on time. The next day I was offered the position! My life is different now because I have a career. I am excited and ready to get started and have been put in a position where I will be making more money and can provide more for my family.”

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