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Goodwill Mission Stories

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In the unprecedented time of COVID-19 shutdown, Shannon was staying at Sojourner Truth House, the largest provider of domestic violence prevention and intervention services in Wisconsin. The Sojourner Truth House was a safe place for her and her children.

Shannon was seeking employment and really needed the income to provide for her family. She was 1413609162842342382referred by a case worker at the Sojourner Truth House, to Goodwill’s Workforce Connection Center.

Although, Shannon was not able to work with a job specialist in-person, she was able to receive support from Goodwill using the Workforce Connection Center's virtual services. A Goodwill Lead Job Consultant was able to work with Shannon remotely. Together, they updated Shannon's resume, found a job at a national online retailer, submitted an application and interviewed for the position virtually, using Skype.

Shannon was offered the position, but was very anxious to start the job. Goodwill was able to be her emotional support through the COVID-19 and help her prepare for the beginning days at her new job.

After weeks of anticipation, Shannon started her employment! Immediately, she was grateful her new job allowed her to choose her own hours so she can work around her children’s childcare schedule.

Shannon is thrilled that she landed a job in the “craziest time” in US history! She is very happy she took advantage of all the programs offered at the Sojourner Truth House and reflected that it does work if you really want it! She came out better that she ever imagine.

*EDITOR'S NOTE: Out of the respect and privacy of the client, this story used "Shannon" as an alias name.

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