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Goodwill Mission Stories

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Johanna had entered Milwaukee County’s Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) program, employed at a job that was jeopardizing her health and recovery. After being in the CCS program for 2 months, she began to speak with her Care Coordinator about wanting a new job. She wanted a job that would not be as stressful as her current job, and one that would allow her some accommodations while working, such as being able to sit and stand on occasion. In February of 2022, Johanna began working with Employment Specialist, Saprina Johnson, with Goodwill’s Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Program.

Johanna was working part time as an activity assistant with a nursing home. At first this job excited her, but as time went on, it began to tax her recovery. Johanna was feeling overworked and in need of a new job to protect her mental health and recovery.

Once Saprina began meeting with Johanna, she knew right away that the motivation factor was high, but Johanna needed some guidance and support for her to reach her job goal. Saprina and Johanna started with updating her resume. Johanna was serious about wanting a new job, and she was willing to stay at her current job until her new opportunity arrived. Saprina helped Johanna understand the ways in which one can be professional while still sticking up for oneself and also helped Johanna with presenting her best self on applications and during interviews. Saprina and Johanna would continue to meet each week to update resumes and cover letters and apply to jobs together.

Johanna began to talk with Saprina about a past job in security that she had liked. Saprina had a connection with a security company called, Par Mar Security, where she knew one of the managers. Because of this connection, Johanna was able to apply and interview for a security guard position for the company. They offered her a position that she began on March 8, 2022 and were accommodating with Johanna on completing their onboarding procedures After successfully working 90 days, Johanna notified Saprina that she no longer needed IPS services Saprina was proud of Johanna and the growth she had shown since they began working together. Saprina let Johanna know that IPS would be available if she ever needed employment help again. Johanna was successfully discharged from Goodwill’s IPS Program on April 25th, 2022, employed as a Security Guard.

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