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Goodwill Mission Stories

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Jennifer started working with the Goodwill Workforce Connection Center (WCC) during her recovery from a severe and life-changing motorcycle accident.

At the WCC, staff members worked with Jennifer on her resume and interview skills and were impressed by her motivation in her job search.

“Jennifer is a very determined individual and very proactive at finding work that will support her in achieving her goals,” said Mark Leemkuil, Goodwill Workforce Connection Specialist.

Jennifer started working as a part-time delivery driver, but eventually wanted to find a job that would provide more hours and full benefits.

Jennifer continued checking-in with the WCC and found a second part-time job at an auto shop, working at multiple locations to get enough hours. As she worked at both jobs, Jennifer stayed connected to the WCC, looking at job postings and talking with staff, trying to find a better situation. A few months later, Jennifer attended a virtual recruitment event with one of the region’s leading e-commerce companies through the WCC and was hired shortly after for a full-time position.

Jennifer is very happy in her new job, which provides an easier commute and great benefits, including the ability to further her education. Through her hard work and motivation, she has been able to refinance her home and car, improve her credit score, and make repairs to her home. She feels grateful and positive about the future.

Need help with your job search?

The Goodwill Workforce Connection Centers can be an excellent resource! Our job experts are always happy to help you with your job search, resume writing and interview coaching.

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