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Goodwill Mission Stories

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brendaBrenda’s story is very similar to many you might hear. She worked at a job she loved at a company that valued her for more than 35 years, and then decided that it was time to retire. In retirement she enjoys many activities she’s always loved, like cooking, exercising, playing cards and having lunch with friends.

It’s a story we all hope to have when we retire. But for Brenda, who has a disability, she’s done it all with barriers that some may think are impossible to overcome.

For 35 years, Brenda has been a part of Goodwill’s work program doing a variety of jobs she liked. In 2010, she decided that it was time to retire and spend her days doing activities and enjoying her spare time, so she transitioned into our Day Services program. Brenda enjoys the many activities in the Day Service Program and appreciates still being able to see her friends. Her favorite activities including cooking in the kitchen and participating in art classes like drawing and painting. 

Goodwill Day Services provides programs and services for people with disabilities and the older adult population that are tailored to the needs of the individual. We offer experienced, supervised care in a secure “home away from home” setting in our Day Services program, where individuals enjoy daily physical, recreational and socialization activities. In addition to Day Services, Goodwill provides an array of other services. Our Senior Services programs help older adults remain healthy, active and independent in their homes and communities. Work Services explores employment options for individuals, with job coaches and other rehabilitation specialists that can help determine the ideal work setting and get you the skills and experience you need for success. Supported employment gives participants someone help with understanding job duties and expectations or assist with problem-solving in a new environment.

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