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Goodwill Mission Stories

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Goodwill Success Stories - BethIf you stop by Wags & Barks in Slinger, WI you can see Beth cleaning the facility and talking and singing to the dogs. According to owner Debbie S., “The place has never looked so clean!”

Beth depends upon her parents and brother Scott for daily living, transportation and communication. She always had the desire to find a job, but she had limited employment experience; the last time Beth had worked was on a farm over 30 years ago.

To get Beth started, her Division of Vocation Rehabilitation (DVR) counselor referred her to Goodwill’s Employment Services. This team finds opportunities and employment matches based on job openings and individual skill sets. Lisa Norman, a supervisor and employment specialist at Goodwill, worked with Beth to help her find competitive community employment. Part of the discovery process is meeting with the individual and family members to learn about the activities where they excel, in Beth’s case it was cleaning and walking her brother’s dogs.

Goodwill Success Stories - Beth

Lisa had worked with Debbie in the past through a program called Temporary Work Experience (TWE) and thought this placement might be a good fit. Debbie agreed to the TWE and Beth was excited about the opportunity.

There was some job coaching to help evaluate Beth’s strengths and needs as well as determine how comfortable she was in this new job. Debbie and Courtney, a supervisor at Wags & Bark, were both great resources for Beth and she began to flourish.

According to Debbie and Courtney, Beth is dedicated and hard-working. This job at Wags & Bark provided her with a chance to work which gave her a special sense of purpose.

On September 18, after the 12-week TWE ended, Beth started part-time at Wags & Bark. Soon after Lisa received a note, “I love dogs a lot, I love my boss and am thankful that you made my dreams come true.”

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