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Put your financial donation to work in your community.

Gift Card Incentive

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Why Do We Want To Know?

Goodwill Workforce Connection Centers are funded with proceeds from our Goodwill Store & Donation Centers and with other donations and grants. Reporting your job is a way of saying thank you to Goodwill and helps ensure the Centers continue to provide this free service to our community.

Goodwill Gift Card Incentive Guidelines

The Goodwill Workforce Connection Centers will have a weekly drawing for a $25.00 gift card from the Goodwill Store & Donation Centers. Winners of the drawings will be contacted with instructions on how to claim a gift card. Please see the gift card guidelines below for details. Thank you.

How To Enter the Drawing and Report Your Success

  • Tell a Center representative and complete the necessary form.
  • Use a Center computer to complete online form.

Proof of Employment

Upon winning you must provide information to a Center manager for validation such as:

  • A current payroll check stub with your name on it.
  • An employee I.D. badge.
  • An insurance card containing employer information.


No cards will be issued without the following and approved by a Center manager:

  • The job must be obtained this year (no exceptions)!
  • You became a registered client with the Center before you were hired.
  • You received services from us before you were hired.

Goodwill Gift Card Policy

  • Receiving a gift card is a "one gift card per calendar year per client incentive." Multiple jobs do not qualify for multiple cards.
  • Goodwill training programs (paid or unpaid) do not qualify for the gift card incentive.



Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of Goodwill Industries.

Amount and availability of the gift cards are subject to change.

Mission Support Center
Tel: (414) 847-4200

James O. Wright Center forWork & Training
Tel: (414) 353-6400

Metropolitan Chicago -
Tel: (312) 994-1440