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Telling the Goodwill Story

Posted by Kyla Mrazek on February 24, 2020

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When I was asked to write a blog and share what I love about my job, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I knew my answer immediately – I love my job because I get the privilege of telling the stories of the amazing people that our Goodwill serves.

This year marks my 14th anniversary of working for Goodwill, and in that time I have been able to share so many amazing mission stories. I would like to take a moment to tell you about two of my favorite stories:


Creighton is a perfect example of someone who truly personifies the Goodwill mission each day.I met Creighton nearly 12 years ago, on a photo shoot for our Annual Report. His story was an example of someone who truly personifies the Goodwill mission each day. It was such an honor to get to meet him and watch his amazing work ethic in action that day. I was also able to meet his Mom and hear more about his wonderful family, who give Creighton such amazing support and are his biggest cheerleaders.

Creighton is a person who sets a goal and works tirelessly to achieve it. And now 12 years after that first meeting, I continue to keep in touch with Creighton and his family. I was honored and excited to attend his 10th anniversary party at Goodwill, and we were able to work together this past year on another photo shoot where we featured Creighton once again! I’m lucky to call him an inspiration and a friend.

To read more about Creighton’s story, click here.


Robert’s story about overcoming obstacles through incredible adversity is truly inspirational.I met Robert about two years ago, as we were featuring him in a mission video. Robert’s story about overcoming obstacles through incredible adversity is truly inspirational. His strength and perseverance are remarkable, and are qualities I admire so much.

In addition to his video, I had the chance to write Robert’s nomination for a national Goodwill award, and he won! To have a chance to see Robert accept an award for his courage and hard work was truly a moment I won’t forget. It was such an honor to tell his amazing story.

To hear more about Robert’s story, click here.

The best part of my job is being able to share our work in the communities we serve through telling stories of the many people that our organization has helped. It is the highlight of my work, and the responsibility I feel to each person who shares their journey is something I don’t take lightly. By sharing their Goodwill story, they have become a part of mine. It is a gift that I am truly grateful for each day.

Written by Kyla Mrazek

Kyla Mrazek is a member of the Goodwill Marketing team, which provides marketing, communication and PR services in the 23 counties in Wisconsin and Illinois that Goodwill serves. She has been with Goodwill for 13 years and is currently a project manager for the many diverse business units at Goodwill. Kyla has a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is married with two children and lives in Milwaukee.
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