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Professional packaging and re-packaging simplified offsite

Posted by Mike Krahn on June 5, 2017

 Our goal is to provide professional packaging, re-packaging and assembly work that simplifies our customer’s offsite requirementsThe most common response I receive when explaining my new position as Senior Account Manager with Goodwill Manufacturing, a division of Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, is— “I had no idea Goodwill did that!”  My enthusiasm kicks in as I respond! 

It’s very exciting to explain how our support of local manufacturer’s outsourcing needs directly affects Goodwill’s ability to support our communities through Goodwill’s mission. People are amazed to know that we have more than 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space between Racine and Milwaukee that have packaged, assembled and processed more than 50 million units.

Goodwill Manufacturing offers a full range of packaging and assembly capabilities that range from simple packaging and bundling to semi-sophisticated POP displays and electrical assemblies. Our goal is to provide professional packaging, re-packaging and assembly work that simplifies our customer’s offsite requirements.

Goodwill Manufacturing offers a full range of packaging and assembly capabilitiesIt’s a wonderful feeling to know that helping solve our customer’s needs truly and directly supports the community I live in!

Please enjoy and feel free to contact me directly at 262-833-1667 or email me at with any questions and/or needs.




Written by Mike Krahn

Mike was raised on the north side of Racine, WI and joined the U.S. Army at 17 years old. He spent six years earning his Commission through the U.S.A.R. and R.O.T.C. He graduated from U.W. Milwaukee with a B.A. in Geography and a certificate in Urban Planning and Economic Development, and paid for his schooling through the service and by running his own landscaping company during the summers. He spent three years working in Economic Development for Racine County before moving to Arizona where he started a career in Industrial Sales. He worked nearly 13 years in various sales and sales management positions on the West Coast. He moved back to Wisconsin and helped develop and sell new products in the battery and battery accessory markets for 12 years. He recently joined Goodwill and finds the movel very exciting, somewhat challenging and very rewarding. He is looking forward to a long career supporting Goodwill’s mission! Interests outside of work continue to be traveling when possible, landscaping, golf, tennis and soccer.

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