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Manufacturing—Let’s talk!

Posted by Mark Honadel on November 29, 2017

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once you master manufacturing skills you will always have work or something to fall back on.My name is Mark Honadel and I have had the good fortune to be involved in manufacturing the majority of my life. The skills I have acquired are basically money in the bank because once you master them you will always have work or something to fall back on. Some skills I have mastered are Welding and Welder Fitting, Shearing, Punching, Forming, Thermoforming, Injection molding and some CNC machining.

Now, how does one enter the world of manufacturing? Let me tell you.

Learn how to use a tape measureFirst—Learn how to measure. Learn the tape measure and the fraction decimal conversion chart. You will use this in any industry!

Second—Learn how to operate different types of forklifts.

Third—Learn how to operate overhead cranes.

Forth—Learn basic blueprint reading.

Fifth— Learn about measuring instruments and as many types of tools and machinery as possible.

Learn how to operate a forkliftKnow these things and show up for work on time every day and you will climb up the ladder. One important thing to remember is; nothing happens until something gets made. Manufacturing is the backbone of our great country. Finally, I have attached a paper on the INCH and how to measure. Use it and become a better craftsman.



Written by Mark Honadel

Mark is a native of the Milwaukee region as he was born and raised Oak Creek. He graduated from Oak Creek High School and attended Milwaukee Area Technical College. Mark is a former independent businessman, previously owning Honadel’s, Inc., a lawn and garden center. He also worked as a professional metal fabricator, welding instructor and industrial manager. He is married to Gail and has three children and two grandchildren.
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