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Highlighting Our Community Impact

Posted by Guest on July 30, 2014

The Goodwill 2013 Community Impact Report was recently mailed to Goodwill employees, volunteers, donors and other area partners.  This year’s report was changed from a traditional Annual Report to a Community Impact Report, and these significant changes in the look and content of our report have allowed us to share our outcomes in a new and more impactful way.   
A typical annual report is a series of financial documents and highlights from the previous year, with the goal of communicating outcomes and performance.  At Goodwill, we are accountable for these as well, but our work of serving the communities in which we operate is also an important indicator of our impact.  Our goal in changing from an annual report format to a Community Impact Report was to put the impact we made on individuals, communities, business and the economy, and the environment front and center.
We created a streamlined piece about the impact Goodwill has had throughout the year using infographics, a very clear and fun way to share our amazing service numbers. The report features success stories of some of the more than 61,000 people served by Goodwill in 2013. The report also features sections of vibrant, easy-to-read graphics to convey our organization’s impact on individuals, communities, business & the economy and the environment. A full PDF can also be viewed here.
Goodwill makes a substantial community contribution in the 13 counties we serve in Wisconsin, and the 10 counties served in Illinois, and this year’s Community Impact Report proudly reflects our impact and service.

Written by Kelly Dudzinski; Marketing Coordinator, and Kyla Mrazek; Senior Marketing Coordinator.

Written by Guest

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