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Goodwill TalentBridge and Workforce Development: Case Study in Success

Posted by Mike Matus on April 1, 2015

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Many of our recent postsLaundry-blog have focused on Goodwill TalentBridge, our full service staffing agency and our Workforce Development activities within our community. I thought I would share with you a recent case study in how we approach working with our employer partners to create value for them.

A strategic partner in the healthcare industry for Goodwill Laundry & Linen Services was generally familiar with the services of both TalentBridge and our Workforce Development team. As a Power Partner with Goodwill, they had heard how we had developed a training program with a leading local manufacturer to help them as their business expanded. We were asked to present a similar proposal to them to help with their environmental & food services workforce and we initially said, “No.” Wait, what happened?

In order to develop a talent acquisition/workforce development solution, we told our valued partner that a “deep dive” was necessary with their internal team to fully understand the scope of their issues. We believe it is critical to understand the current state and, more importantly, the desired state of the workforce prior to developing an action plan. In many cases, it takes this type of “deep dive” to get to the desired state. It emphasized to them how Goodwill can add value to their organization while we fulfill our mission of providing training, employment and supportive services to people with disabilities or disadvantages.

So where are we today? After several meetings, we have developed the target profile of their employee needs and, in conjunction with our employer/partner; we are finalizing our talent acquisition strategy and curriculum to mesh with their own internal onboarding.

Goodwill: providing talent and training to improve the lives of the people we serve through the Power of Work.

Written by Mike Matus

Mike Matus joined Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin in January, 2013 as the Vice President of Sales & Strategic Solutions. Mike’s responsibilities include the development of an integrated Employer Outreach / Business Development strategy across the entire organization. In his role, Mike works closely with the Mission Operations staff of Goodwill TalentBridge, Goodwill Laundry, Goodwill Manufacturing, Goodwill DataShield and Mission Services to drive and coordinate business development efforts to expand the Mission of Goodwill. Mike has spent over 20+ years in executive sales management in varied industries including: Packaging, Graphic Arts and Metal fabrication. Most recently, he was the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for J.L. Clark, a Clarcor company, specializing in custom metal and plastic packaging. He has served on several boards and received his Bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University. Mike is currently a member of the MMAC, Executive Agenda, ACG and SAMA organizations.
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