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Donald Driver Mentoring Program Holds Completion Ceremony

Posted by Joe Hoge on December 30, 2019

Donald Driver Mentoring Program at the completion ceremony held on November 12, 2019

“Your life is like a camera. You capture the moments. You learn from the negative. Sooner or later that camera will focus and develop the most beautiful pictures.”Donald Driver giving words of advice to the Donald Driver Mentoring program mentees.

Those were the words of advice Donald Driver gave to graduates of the Donald Driver Mentoring Program at the completion ceremony held on November 12, 2019. Driver’s speech set the tone for the celebration, which focused on empowerment, paying it forward and perseverance. “Sky’s the limit. You can be anything that you want to be,  just put your heart and soul into it,” he told the packed crowd of mentees, mentors and supervisors.

Driver thanked the mentors for taking the time to invest in others and acknowledged the pivotal role that they play in building confidence and helping others to see their potential. “Mentors, it’s your time and effort that allows these mentees to see the future; a future that they didn’t see before,” he noted.

Donald Driver congratulating one of the Goodwill mentees of this year's Donald Driver Mentoring programThe group gathered together to celebrate six months of hard work and dedication that paired Goodwill employees with community leaders. During this time, mentees set goals for advancing their careers, tackled challenging interpersonal situations, worked on growing their professional networks and much more.

Nicol Britten, Director of HR Business Partners at Goodwill, thanked Driver and the mentors for making a difference. “Donald Driver is a model for paying it forward. His story speaks to how one or two influential people can make a positive, lasting impact on another person’s life. Our mentors do just that. This fantastic group of leaders dedicate months of their time to helping our mentees achieve their goals. We are so fortunate that they are a part of this program,” she stated.Contact Jenny Nelson at 414-847-4132 for more information about the Donald Driver Mentoring Program

Congratulations to the 2019 Cohort Five graduates. The next cohort will start in May 2020. Nominations for the next group of mentees will open soon. Contact Jenny Nelson at 414-847-4132 for more information.


Written by Joe Hoge

Joe has lead talent functions for local companies such as Kohl's, Johnson Bank, and Manpower where he revamped core practices like performance management, succession planning, and employee development. Prior to this, he was a consultant with Accenture focused on directing business leaders through dynamic workforce changes. Joe has a Bachelor of Business Science in Industrial Engineering, with an emphasis on Human Factors, from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He is married with two children and lives in Milwaukee.

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