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Creating Equal Opportunities at Grebe’s Bakery

Posted by Goodwill Staff on October 13, 2020


Finding the value in every person – that’s the mission statement at Grebe’s Bakery, an equal-opportunity employer beloved by the communities they serve in the Greater Milwaukee area.

We celebrate employers like Grebe’s Bakery, who are passionate about ensuring that people of all abilities are able to find opportunities for gainful employment. More importantly, equal opportunity employers strive to hire disabled individuals into teams that celebrate the incredible value their experiences, personalities, and unique skill sets have to offer.

Overcoming Adversity

At Grebe’s Bakery, equal employment opportunities are created in order to bring people from all different walks of life together. In addition to strengthening their business, the team at Grebe’s Bakery is also working to strengthen their communities through the celebration of diversity and a commitment to equality.

“All workers face some sort of adversity in their life. Our teams are a representation of what overcoming adversity can look like.”  - Colton Grebe

A Passion for People

They’re known far and wide for their delectable donuts and pastries, but many say that the sweetest thing about Grebe’s Bakery is their team of friendly, passionate, and dedicated workers. Several of Grebe’s bakery workers, affectionately known as “The Girls,” constantly brighten the days of their customers and their fellow team members with their indomitable positivity, which is matched only by the pride and dedication they apply to their work.

The Girls represent a growing community of disabled team members at Grebe’s Bakery – a community that Grebe’s believes gives their business a competitive advantage in several ways. Employers like Grebe’s benefit not only from the high-quality workers they hire through their equal opportunity programs, but also from an expanded hiring pool that connects them with more diverse and passionate individuals.

For the rest of the team at Grebe’s Bakery, the most impactful benefit is the positivity, camaraderie, and encouragement that their equal opportunity coworkers bring into the workplace each day. “Their passion,” says Grebe, “often exceeds my own. All businesses could learn from the amazing abilities and attitudes these employees possess.”

Visit the Grebe’s Bakery website to learn more about their team and their current equal employment opportunities, or find more inspiring employee spotlight stories like this one at GoodwillSEW.com.

Written by Goodwill Staff

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