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Coach Rob Mendez's Message to Goodwill Employees During NDEAM

Posted by Goodwill Staff on October 30, 2020

In celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Goodwill is sharing inspiring stories of people with disabilities who have overcome struggles.

Born without arms or legs due to Tetra-Amelia Syndrome, Coach Rob Mendez has defied odds and pushed his limits in order to chase his dreams.

Some people who are born with this syndrome have serious congenital issues involving their lungs and organs. Many die shortly after birth or are found to be stillborn. Still, Mendez has built a life nothing short of inspirational.

Coach Mendez found a passion for football by playing Madden video games. After 12 years as an assistant coach for various highs schools, he was finally given the chance to be the JV head coach at Prospect High in Saratoga California, where he led them to an excellent winning season. Since then, Coach Mendez has won the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance during the 2019 ESPY Awards, he was an honorary at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival and a guest host on the Rachel Ray Show.

Coach Mendez believes the mind is a powerful tool to help you realize what your unique abilities are and that the ability to work has helped shape his focus on what’s important.

Watch Coach Mendez's inspiring message to Goodwill employees about the importance of their hard work for people with disabilities below.


Watch ESPN's story on Coach Mendez below.

Written by Goodwill Staff

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