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All-woman development team collaborates to support Goodwill mission

Posted by Goodwill Staff on March 12, 2021

DEVELOPMENT-1Both Brigette Sahlstrom, development manager and Katie Mattson, development administrator began their careers at Goodwill in 2018. Over the past few years, this all-woman team has worked hard to raise money to support mission programs and build relationships with the generous donors who support the organization.
“It’s important to us to help raise awareness of how financial contributions directly impact the individuals we serve,” Brigette shares.

The women work across Goodwill to raise funds through direct mail, email, social media, grants from foundations and corporations, and planned gifts. They shared important career advice for the next generation of working women below.

What advice would you share with young girls about their future career journey?

For us, there are two important pieces of advice that we would share:
  • Say yes and be open to different opportunities even if it doesn’t fit what you imagined your career path would be.
  • It’s tempting to think about the financial aspects of a career, but you will be more satisfied and fulfilled in your life if you have a job you love and are passionate about.

How can women better support each other in the workplace?

When women collaborate rather than compete, we support one another and create greater impact. Don’t keep your success to yourself, share what you have learned along the way with other women as they navigate their own career journey.

Tell us about a woman at Goodwill who inspires you.

We are lucky to have many amazing women leaders at Goodwill who inspire us. One woman who is especially important to the development team is Cathy Girard, vice president of development and mission services. She has a smile on her face every day and always brings a kind and gracious attitude to the workplace. Cathy’s ability to support her fellow coworkers at all different levels within Goodwill is a testament to her leadership skills. She provides valuable feedback and has helped our team grow as fundraisers and Goodwill employees.

Feeling inspired?

You can support Goodwill’s mission by making an online gift.


Written by Goodwill Staff

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