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Good to Know - February 2017

Goodwill's eNewsletter for Community Leaders & Supporters

Welcome to the new Good to Know!  For those of you who have been subscribers, you’ll see a fresh new look to our monthly newsletter. For those who are new to receiving this publication, Good to Know is Goodwill’s monthly electronic newsletter. We’ll share stories of the great work that is being done in the communities where Goodwill operates, share upcoming events and information, links to Goodwill blogs and lots of great information.

Supported Employment and Community Access each 300 Jobs Milestone in 2016

2016 was an exciting and successful year for the Goodwill’s Supported Employment and Community Access services! These teams reached the milestone of 300 jobs for individuals working in the community; a huge accomplishment for everyone involved.

Community Access and Supported Employment are two programs that are working to help people with disabilities find jobs, while helping employers to bring in a new, hardworking, diverse group of employees to their businesses. Here is some information about these amazing programs:

Community Access

Goodwill’s Community Access provides community-based training that’s personalized to the job goals, strengths, interests and needs of the people with disabilities who enter the program. The Goodwill teams works with individuals on their social skills, job-readiness and independence, then connects them to the community and resources in order to get them that next job of their choice.

Supported Employment

Goodwill’s Supported Employment Services are all about assisting people with disabilities to get jobs that are personalized to an individual’s interests, strengths and needs. Supported Employment Services provide long-term job coaching support and can assist whenever participants have new tasks to learn. Working closely with our dedicated team of coaches, participants in the Supported Employment program develop natural supports in the community and receive assistance if needed to address other issues that could affect work or personal life.

Christine Schulz, Manager of Supported Employment and Community Access, shared how much of an impact achieving these goals has meant to the individuals we serve and our communities. “The team works hard each day and it can be challenging, but we keep moving forward because of the success that we see when someone learns a new skill and gets their dream job in the community. It is an amazing feeling for all of us. I am so proud of our team and look forward to what 2017 will bring!”

For more information on Supported Employment and Community Access, and how your business can benefit from working with Goodwill, contact Christine Schulz at (414) 847-1954 or for more information.

U.S. Bank Supports Goodwill and Sojourner Family Peace Center Partnership

U.S. Bank Supports Goodwill and Sojourner Family Peace Center PartnershipGoodwill’s Development Department and Workforce Development are pleased to acknowledge a $25,000 gift from US Bank in support of Goodwill’s work at the Sojourner Family Peace Center. In December, Tom Richtman (Senior Vice President, U.S. Bank and Goodwill Board member) and Matt Schulz (Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking, U.S. Bank) presented the check to Goodwill staff, including Rosann Lewis (Area Manager of Wisconsin Workforce Connection Centers).

Rosann said, “This gift will help us continue the great partnership we have with Sojourner to provide enhanced employment services for individuals needing stability and security for themselves and their families. Clients at the Family Peace Center are often looking for flexible opportunities as they may be working through multiple family challenges in addition to employment. We have the connections with employers such as temporary staffing agencies that offer solutions to both the job candidate and the employer. We are so grateful for this support and commitment from U.S. Bank!”

Pictured in photo from left to right: Dan Depies (Vice President, Workforce and Program Development), Rosann Lewis (Area Manager, Wisconsin Workforce Connection Centers), Ee Lee (Workforce Connection Center Coordinator), Matt Schulz (Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking, U.S. Bank), Tom Richtman (Senior Vice President, U.S. Bank and Goodwill Board member), Cathy Girard (Vice President, Development & Community Services), Lisa Heider (Vice President, Controller)

Goodwill Laundry and Linen Receives HLAC Accreditation

Goodwill Laundry and Linen has been reaccredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC). This accreditation is the industry’s highest rating on quality and safety. It also provides additional assurance that the healthcare textiles being processed by Goodwill adhere to the highest standards possible.

HLAC is a non-profit organization that inspects and accredits laundries that process textiles for hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. HLAC publishes the standards and provides the process for accreditation. The decision to become an accredited facility is voluntary.

Jim Livingston, Director of Linen Services, said, “The primary benefit of accreditation is that an independent third party has inspected our facility and found that it meets or exceeds the highest standards. This accreditation is very important to Goodwill. It makes us a better company and gives our customers peace of mind to know that we are serious about our quality of service to them.”

For more information about Goodwill Laundry and Linen, contact Mike Matus at (414) 847-4243 or

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