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Goodwill's eNewsletter for Community Leaders & Supporters

Goodwill's eNewsletter for Community
Leaders & Supporters - June 2015

Pack’er Up Contest Winner Claims Prize

Pack’er Up Contest Winner Claims PrizeGoodwill’s annual Pack’er Up Donation Challenge is a super-popular, month-long contest that draws in schools from all over our service territory in southeastern Wisconsin. This year, 696 schools participated and over one million items were collected!

First place went to Cushing Elementary in Delafield. The student body of 548 collected over 61,000 gently-used items to be sold in Goodwill Store & Donation Centers. Their prize was a school visit from Donald Driver, Goodwill spokesperson and former Green Bay Packer wide receiver.

Driver was led in by the Kettle Moraine High School drumline, and even played two different drums himself. The student body roared with excitement as he entered the auditorium. He presented the school with an autographed Packer helmet and 12 signed copies of his latest children’s book, Quickie Stands Up to a Bully. Several dozen students asked Driver questions ranging from his books to his football career to his family life. Countless photos were taken by student smart phones as well as local media present at the event.

Second place went to Holy Angles Grade School with more than 44,000 items donated and third place went to Whittier Elementary with nearly 39,000 items collected.

Newest Goodwill Store & Donation Centers Open

Brown Deer Store Opening Palatine Store Opening

The newest Goodwill Store & Donation Centers just opened in Brown Deer (store staff shown in the photo on the left), Wisconsin on Friday, May 22 and most recently Palatine, Illinois on Friday, June 26 (store staff shown in the photo on the right).

Shoppers were lined up around the buildings and even parked down the streets after the parking lots overflowed! They showed off their “amazing finds” to fellow shoppers as well as the cashiers.

In fact, the opening weekends were so busy that every cash register was open in order to keep the lines moving and keep customers happy. In addition to gently-used donated items, the stores were stocked with a lot of brand new merchandise from other area retailers.

Each Grand Opening weekend saw a multi-faceted celebration including live DJ entertainment, trivia contests, free give-away reusable shopping totes, free Starbuck’s coffee, free $5 gift cards and chances to win a Goodwill Fanatic Basket with a $100 Goodwill gift card inside! 

Goodwill is pleased to be a member of both the Brown Deer, Wisconsin and Palatine, Illinois communities.

A Strategic Community Partner

GTK-June2015-froedtert_logo400Froedtert Hospital, a Goodwill strategic partner in the healthcare industry for Goodwill Laundry & Linen Services was generally familiar with the services of both TalentBridge and our Workforce Development team. As a Power Partner with Goodwill, they had heard how we had developed a training program with a leading local manufacturer to help them as their business expanded. We were asked to present a similar proposal to them to help with their environmental & food services workforce and we initially said, “No.” Wait, what happened?
In order to develop a talent acquisition/workforce development solution, we told our valued partner that a “deep dive” was necessary with their internal team to fully understand the scope of their issues. We believe it is critical to understand the current state and, more importantly, the desired state of the workforce prior to developing an action plan. In many cases, it takes this type of “deep dive” to get to the desired state. It emphasized to them how Goodwill can add value to their organization while we fulfill our mission of providing training, employment and supportive services to people with disabilities or disadvantages.
After a series of meetings with Froedtert EVS leadership team and, in conjunction with HR, two significant plans were developed.  TalentBridge, Goodwill’s talent acquisition firm, developed a target candidate profile for the position.  The position profile was expanded by Froedtert due to the market data that Talentbridge was able to provide.  Additionally, a robust plan for training was developed which would reside within the Froedtert onboarding program for new employees.  Our Workforce Development team will provide 3 days of Work/Life skill training to augment the Froedtert technical training. 
The implementation stage of this has now kicked off with the recruitment process.  We anticipate this creating approximately 75 jobs by the end of this year.
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