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Goodwill's eNewsletter for Community Leaders & Supporters

Goodwill's eNewsletter for Community
Leaders & Supporters - January 2015

Goodwill Holds Business Development Retreat

Goodwill Holds Business Development RetreatOn January 8 and 9, 2015, nearly 80 Goodwill staff and business customers participated in Goodwill’s Business Development Retreat. The retreat brought key stakeholders together to further educate, enlighten and inform attendees about the many different programs and services that Goodwill offers.  It gave everyone involved in business development a better understanding of how Goodwill serves both the employers and job seekers in our community.

Jackie Hallberg (President and CEO) said, “Goodwill has many, many offerings. We are different and powerful that way. Goodwill can help fill an employer’s need with a job-seeking individual that has already been trained. Goodwill runs multiple retail stores and offers placement services like TalentBridge, and document destruction like DataShield, and packaging like our Manufacturing division, and so much more. People out there know us as Goodwill, but we are so much more and today we are here to work together on how we can integrate all the parts of Goodwill to better serve our customers.”

Special guest speaker, Michael Corcoran of “mind-set MATTERS,” added, “Look at everything through the eyes of the customer. That helps you learn more, communicate more, help more. It makes everyone one team with one goal.” The Business Development Retreat was an excellent way to start the year focusing on how Goodwill can be a strategic partner for our customers.

Donald Driver Holds Fourth Book Signing for Goodwill

Donald Driver Holds Fourth Book Signing for Goodwill

Late last year, and just in time for the 2014 holidays, retired Green Bay Packer and Goodwill spokesperson Donald Driver held book signings at select Goodwill Store & Donation Centers. He autographed his fourth children’s book, Quickie Stands Up to a Bully, for shoppers who purchased the book at the stores. In only a couple of hours, about 500 books were sold and signed at both Wauwatosa and Waukesha locations. Customers were lined up before the stores even opened.

According to Pat Boelter (Chief Marketing Officer), “Even though Donald is retired, people still come out to see him in huge numbers, which is a testament to how much his fans love him. Having Donald come to two of our Goodwill Store & Donation Centers during the holiday season created a great opportunity for our loyal customers to not only meet the Packer legend but also get Christmas presents for loved ones. We are proud of our twelve year association with Donald and are confident that our relationship will continue for many years to come.”